Modell ‘bathrobe’

Fashion drawing Model bathrobe

Model bathrobe Nadelkissen

Modell bathrobe ganz offen

Modell bathrobe ganz geschlossen


Modell bathrobe Detail label

Modell bathrobe Ausschnitt m Ketten

Modell bathrobe von oben runter

Modell bathrobe im Garten
As always I begin my work with some easy fashion drawing early in the morning with a cup of good viennese coffee before I get myself ready for the production at the Kostümraum. The drawing is just to get a very first small idea of how the coat could look or what color I could use. Very often I change my mind but in this case I didn’t. For this model I was inspired by the “Dude” of the movie “The Big Lebowski” as he is always wearing a bathrobe 🙂 I was wondering if this could be the next fashion trend, wearing a bathrobe as an every day look. We already had pyjamas as fashion trends in this spring so why not bathrobes in autumn? But in the end I am not sure if it became a bathrobe! What do you think? Maybe if you wear it correctly closed with the belt…. I suggest to wear this beauty loose and casual with the classical colours that you can already see on the pictures: black and white. Hopefully one day it will be cultic as its role model !

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